Jun 21, 2011

redirectin' yo a$$

i'm taking this ish to tumblr because i want to be more cooler.

go here from now on. 

May 9, 2011

Apr 13, 2011

*N E U R O G A S M*

Anyone bought a women's magazine lately? I am LOVIN those "Neurogasm" ads. Spectacular, really. 

garance dore knock-off

Mar 13, 2011


I was watching What Not to Wear one night, and at first was going to draw the subject of the makeover in a rude, caricature-ish style. However, it seems her adorable, soft-spoken Texas girl personality won me over, because the drawing took quite a different turn. I think this is what I pictured her looking like in her younger years. Watch the clip, maybe you'll get it too. 

trying a new thai restaurant on 2nd ave